Telegraph and Journalism

In this 5 part podcast series in the context of Newseye, the focus is on an apparatus that was to fundamentally change the work of journalism in the 19th century or, as others have argued, partly even founded it.
The series starts with 4 interviews with experts who have approached the topic from different angles.
The interview partners:

At the end of these interviews, there is a podcast essay on the topic that takes excerpts from the interviews and also highlights the topic using newspaper data and its processing.
The podcast essay will be published in Englisch and German.

With this series, the Case Study journalism presents the impressions and outlooks gained in the Newseye project. This podcast series on the telegraph always focuses specifically on the situation of journalism and the appropriation of technologies. However, the source of the newspaper itself remains central.
The podcast will continue after this Insertion until the extended end of the project in January 2022.

Episode 1

Dr. Ronald Wenzlhuemer

Episode 2

Dr. Amelia Bonea