NewsEye User Workshop: December 2021

As the NewsEye project will come to an end in January 2022, this event aimed to share some of the tools and methods that have been created during its 45-month lifespan and how they could be used beyond the project funding period, with a focus on library professionals.


  • 9:30 CET Welcome and Introduction to the NewsEye Project (Antoine Doucet, Project Coordinator, La Rochelle University)
  • 9:45 CET - 12:30 CET Presentations and Demonstrations
  1. Focus on Article Separation and the creation of Ground Truth (Roger Labahn, University of Rostock / Günter Hackl, READ-COOP)
  2. Building a dataset using the NewsEye Demonstrator – searching, refining and adding documents to a dataset. (Axel Jean-Caurant, La Rochelle University)
  3. Exporting the dataset and usage of external tools - how outputs from research within the Demonstrator can be used with other visualisation or analytical tools. (Eva Pfanzelter, University of Innsbruck / Sarah Oberbichler, University of Innsbruck)