University Paul-Valéry Montpellier


Montpellier is one of the oldest university towns in Europe: the former schools of Medicine, Law and Arts were founded in the 13th century. Today, it provides the second best environment to study in France (National 2013 ranking). The University Paul-Valéry Montpellier (UPVM), the University of Montpellier (UM) and the other higher education institutions of the city together count more than 70 000 students. UPVM has about 20 000 students in the humanities and social sciences, 700 of which are PhD students.

RIRRA21 is a multidisciplinary laboratory including 40 full professors and researchers and 80 PhD students in French studies, journalism, comparative literature, francophone studies, film studies, live arts, musicology and visual arts.

RIRRA21 specifically focuses on conversions of social discourses, modes of communication, and collective representations, be it in literature, press, music, theatre, film or the visual arts, across France Europe and francophone areas, from the French revolution to the present day. The laboratory is an international reference for its studies of the nineteenth century press.

From 2011 to 2015, RIRRA21 was running a project called medias19 ( to study the media culture of the 19th century, under the leadership of Marie-Eve Thérenty and Guillaume Pinson, funded by the ANR (French national agency for research). The project was renewed for 2015-2019, funded by the Canadian CRSH.

In NewsEye, UPVM will contribute to digital humanities applications and case studies in WP6, building up on its experience in the study of the historical press.