University of Vienna

The University of Vienna iS the largest research institution as well as the largest educational institution in Austria; founded by Rudolph IV in 1365: It has developed into of the most renowned universities, especially in the Humanities. 

The department Phaidra-Unidam at Vienna University Library specialises in research support and data management especially for the Digital Humanities. In this context, it is particularly important task the department undertakes to make digital resources available for various research activities as well as to provide tools and workflows for researchers to facilitate their work. 

UNIVIE participates in the NewsEye project by contributing to digital humanities applications and papers and, in terms of dissemination towards digital humanity scholars, it is in charge of the podcasts.

Team Biographies

Mag. Martin Gasteiner

Mag. Martin Gasteiner is a historian and cultural and media researcher. He specializes in the Digital Humanities and Media and technological developments of the early modern period. He accompanies research projects from object modeling to publishing and preservation respectively re-use scenarios at Vienna University Library (Department Data management: PHAIDRA/UNIDAM) and is a member of Science Communication Research.