University of La Rochelle


The University of La Rochelle is a French higher education and research institution founded in 1993. It has four faculties, ten laboratories and ca. 8200 students and 900 employees. The university was recently reorganized to specialize in three major transformations ongoing within society: sustainability, environment and digitization. In particular, most research laboratories from the faculty of arts are focusing on the digital transformation.

L3i: The L3i laboratory (Laboratoire Informatique, Image et Interaction) is a 110-person laboratory created in 1993. Centered on the study of digital documents that are produced by humans and meant for humans, it is organized in three research groups. Antoine Doucet leads the research group on Digital Images and Contents (ca. 40 people), with a strong focus on document processing and analysis. In November 2016, the French research evaluation agency (HCERES) evaluated the document and digital content analysis research as “very visible at the international scale” and as “excellent” regarding “scientific production and publications”. The group is very active in running and participating in national and international projects, both with industrial and academic partners.

The scientific activities of the group around the enrichment of digitized and digitally-born documents has been focused on heterogeneous sources and language agnostic approaches, with award-winning publications presenting approaches based on string patterns rather than linguistic analysis, thus being robust to noise and language specificities. Many of these works were led in collaboration with UH, UIBK and BNF.

The profile of the research group is a good match to lead the project and WP8, as well as to run WP3 on semantic enrichment and participate and WP4-5 in a multilingual and potentially noisy and massive setting. This is true as well for WP2, where the experience of ULR in combining semantics with image-based document analysis will be particularly relevant to the article separation task.