Austrian National Library


The Austrian National Library is the central academic library of the Republic of Austria. With a history dating back to the 14th century, the Austrian National Library, its eight special collections and four museums, hold a significant part of the world’s printed cultural heritage. The library offers access to and professionally competent advice on its own holdings (around 8 million objects) and links to international digital resources and digital library services. The library has a long tradition in the preservation of information and its obligations as an acknowledged Centre of Excellence in digital preservation also include preserving and making accessible large quantities of digital objects which are either the result of digitization projects or deposited in the library. ONB acts as a research and innovation center and has been involved in numerous R&D projects. In this context ONB gathered substantial experience in interaction with researchers, development in large scale data environments and R&D project experience.

With AustriaN Newspapers Online (ANNO) ONB digitizes the majority of its historical newspapers and journals holding. Today nearly 20 M pages have been transformed into digital facsimiles. This material is already available online for viewing and searching to researchers and users. With its extent and temporal as well as geographical spread, it can serve as a perfect basis for quantitative analysis of image and text data in the humanities. As such, it will build the foundation for the material required for the analysis tools in NewsEye.

Team Biographies

Max Kaiser

Max Kaiser has worked for the Austrian National Library (ÖNB) since 2000 and has been Coordinator for R&D Projects since 2004. He has many years of international experience in the field of digital library, digital preservation and digitization research. Currently he is responsible for implementing the ONB’s digital humanities and crowdsourcing strategies. He oversees the Demonstration, Dissemination, Outreach and Exploitation and will provide access to ONB’s Newspaper corpus.

Tonica Hunter

Tonica Hunter is a communications expert working on the NewsEye project since June 2018, with a focus on communication strategy and implementation and project result dissemination. Born in London, Tonica studied French and German Language and Literature as an undergraduate at Warwick University and then went on to specialise in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. Her master theseis was a critical discourse analysis of newspapers on depictions of ethnic rioting in the cities of London (2011) and Paris (2005) comparatively. With academic and professional backgrounds in international affairs as well as roles in communications and event management, Tonica's professional experience has straddled both the private and public sectors and covers a plethora of communication outputs from print media as well as digital and social media implemenation.