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'The meat to the bones'

The first user cases workshop takes place in Vienna.

NewsEye kicked off its first user case workshop on 2nd and 3rd July. This two -day meeting covered  the case studies the project will research within the teams at Innsbruck, Helsinki, La Rochelle, Vienna and Montpellier Universities and provided an occasion for the first brainstorming sessions into how the computer science tools to discover the cases might look.

Participants included those from all 3 countries (France, Austria, Finland) within the project consortium and spanned the Computer Science, Digital Humanities and National Library expertise which the NewsEye project interconnects.

The NewsEye case studies and related use cases will cover the history of topics such as migration, gender, war and revolution as well as media and journalism from the 1850s until the 1950s. Within those themes, the educational field is targeted: teachers, student and pupil in addition to lay historians and genealogists.

The case studies give the real ‘meat to the bones' of this topic, as University of Vienna Digital Historian, Martin Gasteiner put it. And we’re certainly looking forward to getting our teeth stuck in over these next few months where the first reports will be collated on the base research. Watch this space!