Our goal is to inspire other educators to facilitate digitised historical newspapers, as well as the tools developed in the NewsEye project, in their university teaching by the production of course outlines, tutorials, videos and best practice examples.

Syllabus I

Level: BA/MA
Workload: 3 ECTS
Topic: Digital History/Digital Humanities
Type: Lecture & Exercise

Syllabus II

Niveau: BA/MA
Workload: 5 ECTS
Topic: Digitised Newspapers in Humanities Research
Type: Lecture & Exercise


The videos range from screencasts on newspaper platforms and digital tools to learning or expert videos on digital humanities topics.

Blog Posts

Topics range from musings on current affairs of relevance, internal project findings and news and more succinct content which can be found in the Digital Humanities Case studies or project related publications. 

Jupyter Notebooks

The Jupyter notebooks are intended to support the application of digital methods, to show possibilities and to serve as a learning basis.