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Use and reuse of digital historical newspapers: the NewsEye project in practice

This summer, the NewsEye blog will be looking back on NewsEye events that have been held this year. Follow along with #summernewseye.

A discussion in cooperation with the International Federation for Public History (IFPH)

According to the United States-based National Council on Public History, the field of '...Public History describes the many and diverse ways in which history is put to work in the world.  In this sense, it is history that is applied to real-world issues.' As such, the International Federation for Public History was founded in 2010 with four main goals in mind:

1.) Create an international network of public history programs, scholars, and practitioners to facilitate the international exchange of information on teaching and research in and the practice of public history.

2.) Share recommended professional and academic best practices, including standards for evaluating public history scholarship.

3.) Foster participation of public historians and their organizations in international congresses and other meetings of scholars in the field, and

4.) Encourage the formation of national committees of historians working in the field of public history

Project researchers Dr. Sarah Oberbichler and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eva Pfanzelter from the University of Innsbruck were invited by the IFPH to make a presentation on 30 June 2021 related to the NewsEye project as part of their IFPH Explorers series, which focuses on sharing how public history is practiced and implemented across the world.

In this presentation, NewsEye use cases are explored in order to highlight the relationship between Digital History and digitised historical newspapers.

You can find out more about the IFPH here.



With special thanks to Jimena Perry of the International Federation for Public History for the invitation and for her moderation of the session.