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Episode 7

Hannu Toivonen is a professor of computer science at the University of Helsinki, Finland, since 2002. He works in the areas of artificial intelligence and data science, more specifically in computational creativity, data mining as well as analysis and generation of natural language. Hannu has published some 200 papers and has been cited over 20,000 times.

Episode 6

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eva Pfanzelter is professor of contemporary history and deputy head of the Institute of Contemporary History as well as Deputy Head of the Research Center of Digital Humanities at the University of Innsbruck. She is an expert in Digital History, Migration and Minority History and Central European Contemporary History. She was co-founder and one of two leaders of Austria’s first online contemporary history portal (Zeitgeschichte-Informations-System) in 1996 (discontinued in 2003), is responsible for the growing online oral-history migration video-archive and co-editor of the online, gold-open-access peer-review Journal historia.scribere. After having been nominated several times, in 2014 together with the co-editors she received the Award for Teaching Excellence of the University.

Eva has published two books and (co-)edited eight books (among them peer-reviewed and open-reviewed ones) as well as numerous articles and given many talks and lectures all over Europe and in the US. She is reviewer and juror for internationally highly regarded funding institutions and journals.

Episode 5

Tonica Hunter is a communications expert working on the NewsEye project since June 2018, with a focus on communication strategy and implementation and project result dissemination. Born in London, Tonica studied French and German Language and Literature as an undergraduate at Warwick University and then went on to specialise in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. Her master thesis was a critical discourse analysis of newspapers on depictions of ethnic rioting in the cities of London (2011) and Paris (2005) comparatively. With academic and professional backgrounds in international affairs as well as roles in communications and event management, Tonica’s professional experience has straddled both the private and public sectors and covers a plethora of communication work and now focusses on the research outputs and tool development results of the NewsEye projects.


Episode 4

Dr. Jennifer Edmond is Associate Professor of Digital Humanities in Trinity College Dublin and the co-director of the Trinity Center for Digital Humanities. As of September 1st 2018, she is the  President of the Board of Directors in DARIAH. 


She also serves the board of the Newseye project.

Episode 3

In this episode, Martin had the opportunity to talk to the project manager of the ONB Labs Sophie Carolin Wagner and the technical lead of the project Stefan Karner.


The ONB and its labs have a major part in the Newseye project, providing data sets and they also deliver work package 7, which supplies the communication agenda of the project.

The interview is available in two languages:

english version: from start

german version starts at:  14:43

Episode 2

Günter Mühlberger is Head of the Research Center Digital Humanities in Innsbruck and the Head of the Project Transkribus. He also is a Senior Project Manager for the Digitisation and Digital Preservation group at the Department for German Language and Literature at the University of Innsbruck. He received his Ph.D. for a dissertation on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


In the newseye project he leads the work package 1.

The following interview is in german. 

Episode 1

Introduction of the Podcast and Mission Statement.


At a kickoff meeting in Vienna we conducted statements with  the project participants attending about their expectations.